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Important Legislation
Act on Election of Representatives to the Croatian Parliament

Article 35

140 representatives in the Parliament shall be elected in that manner that the territory of the Republic of Croatia shall be divided in ten constituencies, and in each constituency, on the basis of lists, 14 representatives shall be elected.

Article 36

The constituencies shall be determined by the Act on constituencies for the election of the representatives to the Croatian Parliament, in a manner that the number of voters in the constituencies must not differ more than + - 5%.

When defining constituencies, account shall be taken as much as possible on territories of municipalities, counties and towns in the Republic of Croatia, determined by the law.

Article 37

The number of representatives that shall be elected from each list of a constituency shall be determined in the following way:

The total number of valid votes that each list (the electoral mass of the list) has won is to be divided with numbers from 1 to finally 14, decimal rest also taking into account. Of all the gained results, representative seats shall win those lists on which the 14 numerically biggest results are shown, including the decimal rests. Each of these lists shall win as much representative seats in the Parliament, as much single results among the 14 numerically biggest results it has won.

Article 38

The right to participate in the division of representative seats in a constituency shall be exercised by those lists that shall win in the elections at least 5% of valid votes.

Article 39

From each list, elected shall be the candidates from the ordinal number 1 to that ordinal number of how many representative seats a particular list has won.

Deputy candidates from each list of a constituency shall be the candidates who have not been elected.

Article 40

Voters who do not have their residence in the Republic of Croatia shall elect representatives on the basis of lists with the 14 candidates in a special constituency.

Article 41

The number of representatives to be elected by the voters not having their residence in the Republic of Croatia in a special constituency shall be determined in the following manner:

The total number of the valid votes in the ten constituencies in the Republic of Croatia shall be divided with 140, which is how many representatives have totally been elected in these constituencies. With the gained results, the number of valid votes in the special constituency shall be divided. The result achieved in that manner is the number of representatives elected in the special constituency. If the result is not a whole number, it shall be rounded to the whole number from 0.5 up and below 0.5 down.

Article 42

The total number of representatives elected by the voters who do not have residence in the Republic of Croatia in the special constituency determined by the Article 41 of this Act shall be divided among the lists nominated in this constituency according to provisions of the Article 37 to 39 of this Act.

Article 43

Members of national minorities from the Article 16 of this Act shall elect representatives to the Parliament by individual elections, in the manner that the candidate is elected who has won the most votes of the voters who have cast their votes. If two or more candidates win the same number of votes, the elections shall be repeated.

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