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15. 7. 2015.
Speaker: Parliament has fulfilled its duties

Speaker Josip LekoZagreb - Parliament Speaker Josip Leko said on Wednesday, at the end of the parliament's spring-summer sitting, that the parliament had fulfilled its constitutional duties.

- In accordance with constitutional provisions, this parliament has done its duty, it has passed laws in line with priorities and plans set by the government and the ruling majority. It has fulfilled its duty of monitoring the executive authorities and its new duty of supervising the government's work within the framework of European Union institutions, Leko told a press conference.

Leko said that he was convinced that in the second year of the country's membership of the EU, its parliament had "caught up in step with the parliaments of other member states." Reflecting on comments that according to a survey, Croatian citizens trust their parliament less than citizens of other European countries, Leko said that the perception of citizens depends on whether they live better. - In that regard, we haven't achieved the desired level and there is a number of reasons why that is so, he said. He added that the perception citizens have of parliament "is also impacted by MPs, who behave as they do, by media agencies, which use this for their own ends, and by political parties."

Leko said he would continue to insist on the adoption of a code of ethics for parliamentarians and was hopeful that a draft of that document would be completed by September. - I think parliamentarians should define standards for public statements and I hope that all parliamentary benches will participate in that. Whether they will and to what extent is up to them, I cannot influence that, said Leko.

Responding to claims by the Opposition that the parliament is not sufficiently independent and that it relies too much on the government, Leko said that the Opposition's dissatisfaction was legitimate but that he would prefer more concrete proposals from the Opposition. He also dismissed claims that many of the Opposition's proposals are not discussed. (Hina)

15. 7. 2015.
Parliament expenditure in January-July period HRK 400,000 less than in same period last year

Zagreb - In the January-July period this year, the costs of parliamentarians, without their salaries, amounted to around HRK 5.2 million, as indicated by parliamentary statistics released on Wednesday after the closure of the regular session.

15. 7. 2015.
Parliamentary reports on Speaker activities in present term

Zagreb - After concluding its current session the Croatian parliament has released a comprehensive report on its work since being constituted in December 2011 to date which presents figures describing parliament's activities, working bodies and of Speaker Josip Leko.

15. 7. 2015.
Sabor amends several laws before summer recess

Zagreb - The Croatian parliament on Wednesday amended the Sports Act at the proposal of the Social Democratic Party and the Croatian People's Party, under which persons sentenced for rioting at sporting events would no longer be able to sit on the management boards of sport clubs or associations.

13. 7. 2015.
Croatia to open embassy in South Korea
Zagreb - Croatia hopes to open an embassy and tourism board in South Korea this year as well as sign an agreement on air traffic with that country, Parliament Speaker Josip Leko announced on Monday after talks with his South Korean counterpart Chung Ui-Hwa.
Overview of the legislative work of the Croatian Parliament in the first half of the year 2015

During the sitting days, until the summer recess on 15th July 2015, the Croatian Parliament held two plenary sessions in 68 days.

During about 460 hours of plenary work 217 individual matters of the agenda have been discussed. 89 bills have been passed and 31 of them harmonized with the European Union legislation. 61 bills were enacted under urgent procedure (68,5%), 23 bills were passed unanimously and 13 motions for enactment were rejected.

Besides bills, the Parliament has also passed: 81 decisions, 43 reports, 4 plans, 2 strategies and 1 opinion. Besides two plenary sessions Question Time was conducted as well when the MPs posed 66 oral questions and 237 written ones.

According to the INFODOK Service Department of the Croatian Parliament data MPs requested the floor more than 6000 times, most of that were replies and responses.

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Pursuant to articles 220 and 221 of the Croatian Parliament’s Standing Orders, at the request of the Government of the Republic of Croatia, Speaker of Parliament convoked the Parliament for the 18th, extraordinary, session scheduled to take place on 29 and 30 July 2015.
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