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12. 12. 2014.
Parliament Speaker Leko: Sabor has done proper job this year

Zagreb - In the year drawing to a close, lawmakers spent 103 days in parliament and discussed 373 items on the agenda, adopted 185 laws and parliament Speaker Josip Leko said that parliament had done a proper job this year in fulfilling its constitutional duty.

Presenting these statistics at a press conference on Friday, Leko explained that of the 185 laws adopted, 150 had been done so in fast track procedure. He agreed with reporters that it would be "much more democratic to have bills discussed in two readings."

He underscored that in addition to the 15 plenary sessions of parliament, including 13 regular sessions and 2 extraordinary ones, in 313 days 443 meetings of various working bodies had been conducted and 40 meetings of parliamentary groups.

"Apart from fulfilling its constitutional duty to adopt legislation, it also completed the task of cooperating with the government with regard to European Union (EU) affairs. The government is responsible to present Croatia at EU bodies while it is up to the Sabor to supervise these affairs," Leko said.

"Citizens have varied opinions about the work of parliament, but the average score for the Sabor and MPs is not that good." The introduction of a code of ethics is an attempt to show that MPs care about presenting themselves in a better light, he said in reference to the introduction of a behaviour code, which he announced on Thursday.

Presidential elections – notice to media

All media interested in the coverage of the presidential elections to be held on December 28th 2014 and the work of the State Electoral Commission in the premises of the Croatian Parliament are kindly asked to accredit their journalists, technicians and photographers by December 24th at 11:00 a.m. the latest.

Along with the Daily Accreditation Request Form we kindly ask you to provide us with a photo of the media representatives to be accredited, preferably in .jpg format.

Daily Accreditation Request Form

27. 11. 2014.
Croatian Parliament unanimously condemns Šešelj's release
Zagreb - The Croatian Parliament on Wednesday formally expressed deep dissatisfaction at the decision by the Hague-based International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY) to grant provisional release to the war crimes indictee, Serbian Radical Party leader Vojislav Šešelj, and called on the tribunal to withdraw its decision.
21. 11. 2014.
Croatian Parliament Speaker met with Qatari Prime Minister Al Thani

Zagreb - Croatian Parliament Speaker Josip Leko said in Doha on Thursday that the Croatian government would soon form a joint economy committee with Qatar, and told Qatari officials that the investment possibilities in Croatia were big, notably in energy and tourism.

19. 11. 2014.
Croatia wants Qatari investments in energy, tourism

Speaker of Sabor Josip Leko and speaker of the Qatari Majlis al-Shura Muhammad bin Mubarak al-KhulaifiDoha - Croatia wants to attract Qatari investments, notably in energy and tourism, and Croatian construction companies have been invited to intensify their presence in Qatar, Croatian Parliament Speaker Josip Leko and the Qatari emir said in Doha on Wednesday.

8. 11. 2014.
Leko attends conference marking 25th anniversary of fall of Berlin Wall

Berlin - The Speaker of the Croatian Parliament, Josip Leko, attended a conference in Berlin on Saturday marking the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Distribution of mandates in the Croatian Parliament in September 2014

Croatian Parliament is composed of 151 active mandates, 25 are terminated and 32 in the state of the suspension of the term of office.

There are 140 Members of Parliament with a term of office within 16 parliamentary parties and 11 independent Members of Parliament. Mandates are distributed as follows:

Social Democratic Party of Croatia (56), Croatian Democratic Union (41), Croatian People’s Party – Liberal Democrats (12), Croatian Democratic Alliance of Slavonia and Baranja (7), Croatian Labourists – Labour Party (5), Croatian Party of Pensioners (4), Independent Democratic Serbian Party (3), Istrian Democratic Assembly (2), Croatian Civic Party (2), Bosnian Democratic Party of Croatia (1), Croatian Peasant Party (1), Croatian Party of Rights dr. Ante Starčević (1), Democratic Center (1), Croatian Sustainable Development (OraH, 1), New Wave - Development Party (1) and People's Party - Reformists (2).

Among the Independent MPs, six of them are members of MP clubs: Josip Kregar in SDP (Social Democratic Party of Croatia), Veljko Kajtazi in HNS (Croatian People’s Party – Liberal Democrats), Furio Radin in Deputy Club of Istrian Democratic Assembly and Independent MP Furio Radin, Jadranka Kosor in Deputy Club of Independent MP Jadranka Kosor and HGS (Croatian Civic Party) and Slavko Linić and Branko Vukšić in Deputy Club of Slavko Linić and Branko Vukšić, Independent MPs and Nedžad Hodžić, Bosnian Democratic Party of Croatia.

Among 151 Members of Parliament 8 are representatives of national minorities.

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Parliament adjourned.
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