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22. 10. 2015.
Speaker of the Croatian Parliament participated at the Conference "Comprehensive regional defence ministerial"

Dubrovnik - The "Comprehensive regional defence ministerial – CRM" is hosted in 2015 by the Republic of Croatia and it takes place in Dubrovnik on 21-22 October.

The meeting  of the defence ministers  was also addressed by Parliament Speaker Josip Leko who said that the issue of refugees was assuming worrisome proportions which was why efforts of all countries wanting to join NATO needed to be supported.

"Croatia is a member of NATO, it gained a lot with the membership. The effects of the membership are not visible in everyday life of our citizens, but we are aware that NATO is still the most credible alliance in the world, it is an alliance of values which we advocate as well. By joining NATO, Croatia has permanently resolved its strategic issue of security and definitely secured its border", Leko said.

The Comprehensive regional ministerial entails ministerial and defence policy officials of three regional initiatives – the U.S. Adriatic Charter (A-5), the South East Defence Ministerial Initiative and the Western Balkans Defence Policy Directors (WBDPD).

8. 10. 2015.
Parliament Speaker says 8 October 1991 should be signpost for future

Zagreb - Speaking at a parliamentary reception on the 24th anniversary of Independence Day, Speaker Josip Leko said on Thursday that remembering those "important and far-reaching events" should be a signpost for the future and congratulated fellow citizens on this occasion, wishing everyone progress in a democratic and just Croatia.

25. 9. 2015.
Conference on public media and enlargement countries' parliaments held
Zagreb - A two-day inter-parliamentary conference called "Public Service Media and the Parliaments in the Enlargement Countries" ended in the Croatian parliament on Friday with the adoption of recommendations for the work of parliaments.
18. 9. 2015.
Parliament amends laws to enable CHF loan conversion

Zagreb - The Croatian parliament on Friday unanimously adopted amendments to the Consumer Credit Act and the Credit Institutions Act based on which loans denominated in Swiss francs would be converted into euros.

3. 9. 2015.
Leko meets his Indonesian, Iranian and Albanian colleagues in NY
New York - Croatia's Parliament Speaker Josip Leko met with his counterparts from Indonesia, Iran and Albania for talks on bilateral cooperation, on the fringes of the 4th world conference of presidents of parliaments in New York.
8 October – Croatia’s Independence Day

Independence Day is a public holiday in Croatia marked on 8 October. On 8 October 1991 Croatian Parliament unanimously reached a Decision on dissolution of all state and legal ties with other republics and provinces of Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia.

Croatian Parliament acknowledged that the Republic of Croatia considered no body representing Yugoslavia neither legitimate nor legal and did not recognize any legal act representing former federation. On 25 June 1991 Croatian Parliament enacted a Constitutional decision on independence and sovereignty.

The Decision on dissolution of all state and legal ties with other republics and provinces of Yugoslavia was enacted by the Croatian Parliament in the shelter of INA building, and not in its building on Saint Marcus Square which the Parliament has been using for over 250 years, since a day earlier, on 7 October, the Yugoslav Air Force attacked the historic centre of Zagreb and Banski dvori, the official residence of the President of Croatia and Government of the time.

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Parliament is dissolved.

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