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23. 7. 2014.
European affairs committee backs Mimica as European commissioner candidate

Zagreb - The parliamentary European Affairs Committee has endorsed Neven Mimica as Croatia's candidate for the European Commission in the 2014-19 period.

The committee yesterday held a session at which Mimica, a commissioner in the previous EC and the government's nominee for a commissioner in the new EC, was heard as part of a discussion on a government report on the nominee.

Addressing the committee, Mimica spoke of the EC's achievements in consumer protection, for which he was in charge, the need to strengthen the European Union's democratic legitimacy through cooperation with the national parliaments, and the political guidelines of new EC President Jean-Claude Juncker. Asked about the EU policy for which a commissioner from Croatia would be in charge, Mimica said the nominees could not choose their directorates, adding that transport, the maritime policy and fisheries, and the development policy were the most interesting areas for Croatia.

After the hearing, the European Affairs Committee affirmed its commitment to monitoring the government's activities in EU institutions and, acknowledging Mimica's experience as an EC member from Croatia, it supported his nomination for the EC in the 2014-19 period. (Hina)

16. 7. 2014.
Croatian parliament Speaker pushes for stronger economic ties with US
Zagreb - Croatian Parliament Speaker Josip Leko and Deputy Speaker Dragica Zgrebec on Wednesday attended a meeting of a United States business delegation and representatives of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce (HGK) and the Croatian Employers Association which discussed possibilities of developing economic cooperation.
16. 7. 2014.
Leko welcomes participants in Transatlantic Forum
Zagreb - The Speaker of the Croatian Parliament, Josip Leko, welcomed participants in the 15th Transatlantic Forum of the State Legislative Leaders Foundation entitled "Croatia: From Independence to the 28th Member of the European Union and NATO - A Guarantee for a Peaceful Future", which was being held in the Croatian Parliament building on Wednesday.
16. 7. 2014.
Parliament Speaker said that Parliament had fulfilled its constitutional task in the first half of the year
Zagreb - Speaker Josip Leko said on Wednesday that parliament had fulfilled its constitutional task with its work in the first half of the year but that he was not fully satisfied with it, notably with the fact that the bulk of the laws was adopted in fast-track procedure.
8. 7. 2014.
Italian EU Presidency to focus on growth, employment

Zagreb - Italy as the EU President wants to be a catalyst of political changes which should ensure sustainable growth in the European Union and restore citizens' trust damaged by the economic crisis, Italian Ambassador to Croatia Emanuela D'Alessandro said in Zagreb on Monday.

Parliamentary oversight for Government accountability – oral questions from Members of Parliament

Members of Parliament posed most of their oral questions to the Government of the Republic of Croatia related to finance and economy in the first half of the year 2014.

Most of the questions, both oral and written, have been posed to the President of the Government (85). Second most asked questions were directed to the ministers of finance, administration and agriculture.

Members of Parliament were dissatisfied with 9 responses during the session therefore, according to the Standing Orders of the Croatian Parliament, requested the Government to submit them a written response.

According the data acquired by the Parliament’s INFODOK Service Department, most of the oral questions were posed by the MPs from HDZ (67), SDP (58) and Croatian Labourists – Labour Party (53). Individually most oral questions were posed by MPs Mirela Holy (37), Ivan Šimunović (35) and Jakša Baloević (28).

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Parliament adjourned.

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