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13. 7. 2018.
Parliament passes several laws

Photo: Hina/Denis CerićZagreb - The Croatian parliament on Friday adopted amendments to several laws, including the Forests Act which is to ensure better management of forests and forest land.

Also adopted were amendments to the Act on Municipal Finance and to the Pension Insurance Act, which define a five-year period during which it will be possible to check if disability pension has been acquired in line with the law.

The parliament amended laws regulating energy activities and the electricity market to align them with EU directives.

It also passed a law on a military solidarity fund to support employees of the Defence Ministry and the Croatian Army Forces, and confirmed decisions on the participation of up to three members of the Armed Forces in the INHERENT RESOLVE operation and up to 50 troops in the SEA GUARDIAN peace support operation in the Mediterranean. (Hina)

13. 7. 2018.
Parliament appoints council for civilian oversight of security and intelligence services
Zagreb - The Croatian Parliament on Friday, after nearly three years, appointed a Council for Civilian Oversight of Security and Intelligence Agencies, which ceased to exist in late 2015 when the term of its then members of the council expired.
13. 7. 2018.
Croatian parliament passes amendments to Education Act
Zagreb - The Croatian parliament on Friday adopted amendments to the Education Act, setting out the purpose, goals, structure and method of adopting documents relating to the curricular reform, and providing for a 30% increase in wages for teachers involved in EU projects being implemented in schools.
13. 7. 2018.
Parliament re-appoints Boris Vujčić HNB governor
HNB governor Boris Vujčić (Photo; Hina/Adnan Buljubasic)Zagreb - The Croatian National Bank (HNB) on Friday got a new leadership after the parliament re-appointed Boris Vujčić as HNB governor for a six-year term, while Sandra Švaljek was appointed his deputy and Slavko Tešija, Roman Šubić and Martina Drvar HNB vice-governors.
10. 7. 2018.
Reconstructed Bishop's Palace in Dubrovnik inaugurated
Zagreb - The 32-million-kuna renovated Bishop's Palace in Dubrovnik was formally inaugurated at a ceremony on Tuesday, and local Catholic Bishop Mate Uzinić will move into the palace on 21 September.
Overview of the legislative work of the Croatian Parliament in the first half of the year 2018

Foto: Hina/Lana Slivar DominićDuring the sitting days, from 17th January until 13th July 2018, the Croatian Parliament held two plenary sessions in 76 days.

During more than 500 hours of plenary work 299 individual matters of the agenda have been discussed. 104 bills have been passed and 39 of them harmonized with the European Union legislation. 27 bills were enacted under urgent procedure and unanimously and 26 motions for enactment were rejected.

Besides bills, the Parliament has also passed: 78 decisions, 47 reports, 3 conclusions, 2 plans and 2 programmes, one charter, one standing orders and an opinion. Besides two plenary sessions Question Time was conducted as well when the MPs posed 76 oral questions and 404 written ones.

According to the INFODOK Service Department of the Croatian Parliament data MPs requested the floor more than 7000 times, most of that were replies and responses. Parliamentary groups asked for a recess 123 times during the session and 72 disciplinary measures were imposed.

Working bodies of the Croatian Parliament held 268 sessions, 49 of them were topic sessions.

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In accordance with the Provisions of the Constitution of the Republic of Croatia Croatian Parliament is in the summer recess for the current session from 15 July to 15 September.
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