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Croatian Parliament

Trg sv. Marka 6

10 000 Zagreb

Phone.: +385 1 45 69 222,
e-mail: mediji@sabor.hr

Organizational Structure
Human Resources and Legal Service

The Human Resources and Legal Service drafts decisions, books of rules and other acts within its competence. In cooperation with other organizational units, the Service plans and facilitates human resources development. It assists in preparing answers to civil complaints. For Members of Parliament and parliamentary staff, the Service performs professional and administrative tasks related to labour legislation. It keeps parliamentary officials and staff’s employment records. It assists in designing, adopting and implementing programmes of professional development and training.


Head of Service: Marijana Mikulić
Phone: +385 1 45 69 647
Fax: +385 1 63 03 778
e-mail: sluzbappljp@sabor.hr 


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