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30. 11. 2017.
Croatian parliament adopts state budget for 2018

Zagreb - After commenting on amendments to the draft budget for 2018 for several hours on Thursday, members of the Croatian parliament adopted the key financial document for next year as well as financial projections for 2019 and 2020, with 79 MPs voting for and 34 against.

Total budget revenues are planned at HRK 129 billion, 6.1% more than in the current budget. Total budget spending will amount to 133.3 billion or five billion more. The general government deficit will account for 0.5% of GDP or two billion kuna.
Party groups and individual MPs had submitted a total of 147 amendments to the draft budget but 25 had not been submitted in line with the Budget Act.

The government, followed by the parliament, rejected all opposition amendments, most of which referred to budget funds for the ministries of science and education, demography and justice. (Hina)
(EUR 1 = HRK 7.5)

28. 11. 2017.
58th Conference of Parliamentary Committees for Union Affairs of Parliaments of the European Union

Tallinn - Bojan Glavašević, Deputy Chairman of the European Affairs Committee, took part in the meeting of the Conference of Parliamentary Committees for Union Affairs of Parliaments of the European Union (COSAC).

22. 11. 2017.
PM presents draft 2018 budget to parliament

proracun_hina-sencar 150.jpgZagreb - Prime Minister Andrej Plenković presented a draft state budget for 2018 to parliament on Wednesday, saying that next year his government would focus on the needs of the people and on the necessary reforms in order to raise productivity and living standards.


21. 11. 2017.
Miro Kovač and Romana Jerković at interparliamentary meetings organized by the EP
Brussels – Chairman of the Foreign Policy Committee Miro Kovač and Member of the Committee Romana Jerković took part in the interparliamentary meeting on the “Implementation of the European Consensus on Development and the Sustainable Development Goals”, organized by the European Parliament's Committee on Development, and in the interparliamentary meeting on the “European integration process of the Western Balkans”, organized by the European Parliament's Committee on Foreign Affairs.
21. 11. 2017.
Gender Equality Committee delegation participated at the Inter-parliamentary meeting on combating violence against women
Brussels - Chairperson, Deputy Chairperson and Member of the Gender Equality Committee Ivan Vilibor Sinčić, Irena Petrijevčanin Vuksanović and Silvano Hrelja participated on Tuesday at the Inter-parliamentary meeting around the theme: "The Istanbul Convention: combating violence against women at national and EU level".
18. 11. 2017.
Parliament Speaker: Today we mark one of the most difficult days in Croatia's history
Zagreb - Today we are marking one of the most difficult days in Croatia's history which is also the day when we made stronger connections between us and when we grew stronger, Croatian Parliament Speaker Gordan Jandroković said in the eastern Croatian town of Vukovar on Saturday.
18. 11. 2017.
More than 15,000 gather to commemorate Škabrnja massacre
Zagreb - The 26th anniversary of the massacre in Škabrnja, in which 86 civilians and defenders were killed in 1991, today was marked in the town of Škabrnja with a remembrance procession which brought together more than 15,000 people from all parts of Croatia.
Distribution of mandates in the Croatian Parliament in October 2017

Croatian Parliament is composed of 150 active mandates, 13 are terminated and 31 in the state of the suspension of the term of office.

There are 137 Members of Parliament with a term of office within 18 parliamentary parties and 13 independent Members of Parliament. Mandates are distributed as follows:

Croatian Democratic Union (55), Social Democratic Party of Croatia (36), Bridge of the Independent Lists (12), Croatian People's Party - Liberal Democrats (5), Croatian Peasant Party (5), Civic Liberal Alliance (4), Istrian Democratic Assembly (3), Independent Democratic Serbian Party (3), Human Blockade (3), Let's Change Croatia (2), Croatian Demochristian Party (2), HRAST - Movement for Successful Croatia (1), Croatian Social-Liberal Party (1), Croatian Pensioners Party (1), Croatian Democratic Alliance of Slavonia and Baranja (1), People's Party - Reformists (1), Power - People's and Civic Engagement Party (1) and Party of Croatian Intergenerational Solidarity (1).

Among the Independent MPs, 12 of them are members of MP clubs: Vladimir Bilek and Ermina Lekaj Prljaskaj in Deputy Club of the Labour and Solidarity Party, Party of Croatian Intergenerational Solidarity, Reformists and independent MPs and Deputy Club of national minorities, Bruna Esih, Željko Glasnović and Zlatko Hasanbegović in Deputy Club of the Independent for Croatia, Marko Vučetić, Tomislav Žagar and Ivan Kovačić in Deputy Club of the Bridge of the Independent Lists, Furio Radin in Deputy Club of the Istrian Democratic Assembly, Primorje - Gorski Kotar Alliance and Charter for Rijeka and Deputy Club of national minorities, Marin Škibola in Deputy Club of the Let's Change Croatia, Robert Jankovics and Veljko Kajtazi in Deputy Club of national minorities. 

Among 150 Members of Parliament 8 are representatives of national minorities.

Sabor_procelje (2).jpg
Pursuant to articles 216 and 224 of the Croatian Parliament’s Standing Orders, Speaker of Parliament convoked the Parliament for the 6th session scheduled to take place on 8, 9, 10, 15, 16, 17, 22, 23, 24, 28, 29, 30 November and 1, 5, 6, 7, 8, 12, 13, 14, 15 December 2017.
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