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Croatian Parliament

Trg sv. Marka 6

10 000 Zagreb

Phone.: +385 1 45 69 222,
e-mail: mediji@sabor.hr

Important Legislation
Act on the Co-Operation of the Croatian Parliament and the Government of the Republic of Croatia in European Affairs



Powers of Parliament in European affairs

Execution of powers of Parliament

Work Programme for the Consideration of the Positions of the Republic of Croatia

Notification of Parliament

Consideration of the position of the Republic of Croatia 

Amendments to the Treaties of the European Union 

Submitting reports to Parliament on meetings of the European Council  

Implementation of the passerelle clause  

Monitoring compliance with the principle of subsidiarity  

Participation in the procedure of proposing candidates of the Republic of Croatia for the institutions and bodies of the European Union 

Transitional and final provisions

Attached information:

Croatian Parliament 2017 Legal notice
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