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European Union
Bulletin the European Affairs in the Croatian Parliament

The European Affairs in the Croatian Parliament bulletin is published monthly by the European Affairs Department. It provides the reader with an overview of parliamentary activities in the field of EU affairs and inter-parliamentary cooperation as well as with access to EU documents forwarded to national parliaments.

The English edition is a shortened version of Bilten Europski poslovi u Hrvatskom saboru published in the Croatian language since 2014.


No 1 (October 2017)
In Focus: State of the Union Speech 2017

No 2 (November 2017)
In Focus: Commission Work Programme 2018: An agenda for a more united, stronger and more democratic Europe

No 3 (December 2017)
In Focus: European Semester Autumn Package: Striving for sustainable and inclusive growth

  Author: Office for International and European Affairs  

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