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Croatian Parliament

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Organizational Structure
Croatian Parliament Staff Service

Parliamentary Staff performs professional, analytical, administrative, security, technical and other tasks to assist the Croatian Parliament in its work. In particular, the Staff handles all operations tied to the convening and holding of sessions of the Croatian Parliament, its working bodies and deputy clubs, the preparation of draft legislation, conclusions, reports and minutes, the analysis of materials and draft legislation forwarded to the Croatian Parliament to assess their compliance with Croatia’s Constitution and legal system, and the processing of legislation enacted at parliamentary sessions to facilitate their publication in Narodne novine (the country’s official journal) or their forwarding to bodies vested with public authority.

Parliamentary Staff additionally performs tasks for the needs of parliamentary delegations to international bodies and organisations, as well as protocol activities surrounding the implementation of programmes for the Speaker and Deputy Speakers of the Croatian Parliament and the chairpersons of working bodies with regard to the reception of delegations of foreign parliaments and international bodies and organisations.

The Staff is obliged to provide assistance to individual MPs in rendering of their parliamentary duties, primarily in the preparation of the bills they are sponsoring, the activities and tasks entrusted to them by parliamentary working bodies, and in securing supplementary materials, documents and data for individual topics on the plenary session or committee meetings' agenda.

The activities and tasks of the Staff are conducted by civil servants and appointed officials deployed in the following organisational units:

1. Secretariat
2. Office of the Speaker of Parliament
3. Offices of Deputy Speakers of Parliament
4. Protocol Office
5. Office for International and European Affairs

The Secretariat performs its designated activities and tasks in the following sub-units:

1. Office of the Secretary General
2. Working Bodies Service
3. Deputy Clubs Services
4. Session Preparation and Processing
5. Preparation of Acts of Parliament for Publication
6. Human Resources and Legal Service
7. Press Office
8. Citizens Service
9. Information and Documentation Department
10. Library
11. General Administrative Service
12. Guard

Civil servants and appointed officials are obliged to carry out their duties professionally as well as perform activities and tasks entrusted to them capably, efficiently, responsibly and duly. Civil servants and appointed officials are obliged to carry out the orders of the Speaker and Deputy Speakers, the chairs and deputy chairs of working bodies, the Secretary General and superior officials, and co-operate with other members of working bodies and other MPs on tasks vital to the fulfilment of parliamentary functions. Civil servants and appointed officials are required to maintain confidentiality of official and other secrets as dictated by law.


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