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6. 7. 2018.
Parliament calls on government to check authenticity of referendum petition signatures

Zagreb - Croatia's parliament on Friday called on the government to inspect the number and authenticity of signatures collected for petitions for two referendums sought by the People Decide and the Truth about the Istanbul Convention civil society organisations that want the amending of the election system and the revocation of  the Istanbul Convention.

Parliament called on the government to check whether the signatures for the two petitions were collected in accordance with the Referendum Act. If the government establishes that there are sufficient signatures the relevant committee will once again decide whether the referendum questions should be submitted to the Constitutional Court to check their constitutionality.

The People Decide NGO submitted 38 boxes with 405,342 signatures to the parliament regarding a referendum question on whether the election law should be changed and 407,469 signatures regarding minority MPs' rights and whether they should be allowed to vote on a government or the budget. The civil initiative on the Istanbul convention too submitted 377,635 signatures. The signature collection campaigns were held in May, and for a referendum to be called, it is necessary to collect the signatures of at least ten percent of the total number of voters - 374,740 for the referendum petition.

Parliament adopted several laws: on psychotherapy activities, on government subsidies, amendments to the law on Croatia's qualifications framework and on compulsory pension funds. Several bills were sent to a second reading - on health protection, on hospitality activities, on foster care, on the Homeland War veterans' fund. (Hina)

  Author: Hina  

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