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Current Affairs
6. 7. 2018.
Set of judicial laws passed to streamline national judiciary

Zagreb - The Croatian parliament on Friday adopted a set of six judicial laws aimed at streamlining the judiciary and strengthening its independence and objectivity.

The set of new laws, which is described as a mini-reform, encompasses the amended legislation on courts, on the State Judicial Council and the State Prosecutorial Council.

One of the most important changes is the merger of municipal and magistrate courts and scaling down their number from 46 to 34, which is expected to result in new personnel potential, efficiency and better access for citizens to the courts. The changes will make the procedure for election of officials in the justice system faster.

The courts will be reinforced with the establishment of departments for EU acquis and the practice of the European Court for Human Rights and courts of the European Union. (Hina)

  Author: Hina  

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