Interparliamentary EU Information Exchange (IPEX)

IPEX, the Interparliamentary EU information exchange, is an online platform for the national parliaments and the European Parliament to exchange information concerning the European Union. IPEX was established following a recommendation given by the Conference of Speakers of the Parliaments of the European Union held in 2000. 

Following the entry into force of the Treaty of Lisbon, IPEX’s main task consists in monitoring the implementation of the control mechanisms of the respect of the principle of subsidiarity in draft legislative acts of the European Union. If national parliaments consider that a Commission’s draft proposal breaches the subsidiarity principle, they may express their objections formulating them in reasoned opinions. 

The main part of IPEX is its database which contains draft legislative proposals, consultation and information documents coming from the European Commission, parliamentary documents and information concerning the European Union. In addition, IPEX web pages contain information on parliamentary scrutiny over the actions of member states’ governments related to EU affairs as well as information on the ways of parliamentary participation in EU legislative process. 

The parliamentary documents are uploaded individually by IPEX correspondents of each national parliament. The Croatian Parliament uploads and updates the information regarding parliamentary involvement in European Affairs on IPEX's national page, along with information on scrutiny of individual EU documents. 

IPEX Correspondents: 
Ms Jelena Špiljak 
Adviser in the European Affairs Committee 
Phone: +385 1 45 69 618 
Fax: +385 1 63 03 078 

Mr Mario Straka
Adviser in the Office for International and European Affairs
Phone: +385 1 63 03 539
Fax: +385 1 63 03 856