Transposition of directives

The obligation to align its national legislation with the acquis still remains after Croatia’s accession to the European Union. As the European acquis is continuously evolving, national regulations must be aligned with it on a constant basis. This refers primarily to the transposition of European directives into national legislation, since directives are legislative acts which are binding for the Member States in terms of end results to be achieved, while Member States are free to decide how these results are to be achieved.

The Croatian Parliament transposes directives in the same procedure which was applied to the alignment of the acquis in the pre-accession period.

In the conditions of EU membership, following the active monitoring of the development of the acquis, Croatia is changing its legislation in parallel with the Member States of the European Union. Owing to continuous alignment, Croatia’s legislation shall be fully complementary to the currently valid EU acquis. As a member state of the European Union, Croatia is obliged to conduct the notification procedure, i.e. to inform the European Commission without delay about measures pertaining to the transposition of new directives into Croatian legislation, as well as to apply transposed legislation in an appropriate manner.

The acquis of the European Union is available in Croatian, the 24th official language of the EU, so as to guarantee linguistic equality to Croatian nationals in the process of accessing European legislation.