Parliament Speaker inaugurates business incubator, visits bioenergy plant

Zagreb - Parliament Speaker Gordan Jandroković on Tuesday visited Bjelovar-Bilogora County, inaugurating a business incubator for IT startups and visiting the construction site of a EUR 24 million bioenergy plant.

Jandroković inaugurated the incubator in Garešnica. It was financed with European Union money and opened thanks to cross-border cooperation with Orašje in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

"The business incubator is the right example of how the government and a town can help young entrepreneurs and how citizens can feel the direct benefit of Croatia's European Union membership. Garešnica is also an example of the synergy of the state and local government and of the concrete results of fiscal discrimination, which made it possible to increase the town's budget for development projects," he said.

He also stopped in Daruvar, where he attended a meeting of the Town Council, congratulating the people on Town Day.

He wrapped the visit in Grubišno Polje to see the site of a bioenergy plant, on which construction began in April 2017 and which is expected to be put into operation next month. (Hina)

Autor: Hina