4th term of the Croatian Parliament (2 February 2000 - 22 December 2003)

Committee on Labour, Social Policy and Health

About Committee

Scope of work

The Committee on Labour, Social Policy and Health shall establish and monitor the implementation of policy, and in procedures to enact legislation and other regulations it shall have the rights and duties of the competent working body in matters pertaining to:
- labour and the employment status of employees working in the public sector, and employment and housing policy,
- social welfare,
- health protection and the organisation of health-care services,
- pension and disability insurance,
- protection of displaced persons,
- protection of the rights of former political prisoners,
- protection of the elderly and homeless persons and other matters of social policy and healthcare.


Appointed members

Dragica Mišeljić, member from among the ranks of higher-level trade unions
Zdenko Mučnjak, Croatian Trade Union Association
Dubravka Lekić, Croatian Employers’ Association
Zdenka Peternel, Croatian Chamber of Economy
Petar Sindičić, Ph. D., Croatian Chamber of Trades and Crafts
Egidio Ćepulić, Ph. D., Croatian Medical Chamber


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