2019 state budget revised

Zagreb - The budget for 2019 was on Thursday revised by a majority vote in the national Parliament.

The revised document stipulates an increase of 1.6 billion of the total revenues to HRK 137.7 billion, whereas expenditures are to be cut by 1.3 billion to HRK 139 billion.

A marked increase has been registered in allocating additional funds for employees (HRK 494.2 million), whereas expenses for pensions have been increased by HRK 849.6 million.

Also the budget allocation for the first stage of the construction of the future LNG terminal on Krk has risen by HRK 350 million.

The biggest saving was made on interest rates on the country's debts, (HRK 797 million).

As many as 82 lawmakers in the 151-seat Parliament voted for the budget revision, one abstained and 41 voted against it.

 (€1 = HRK 7.441184)

Author: Hina