Amendments to legislation on police powers, responsibilities on parliament's agenda Wednesday

Zagreb - Croatia's lawmakers will convene on Wednesday to discuss a bill of amendments to the law on the police powers and responsibilities.

Under the amendments, the chief police commander will compile a report on yearly police performance until 31 March, and the report, to be sent to the interior minister first, will be forwarded to the parliament until 1 June.

A task force consisting of two officials from the Interior Ministry, appointed by the minister, plus 10 representatives of the general public, is to be appointed by the parliament to deal with complaints about police work.

The bill regulates conditions for hiring new police personnel as well as police benefits.

Three bills on the water supply system are also on the agenda for Wednesday.

Environment Protection Minister Tomislav Ćorić has recently stated that the bills are designed to improve the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of public water providers.

One of the bills is meant to improve the state of water ecosystems.

Author: Hina