Bill on libraries praised by both majority and opposition MPs during its 2nd reading

Zagreb - A final bill on libraries and library activities, which was given its second reading in parliament on Friday, was commended both by lawmakers from the ruling majority and from the Opposition, after improvements were made regarding the criteria for the selection of library directors and terms and conditions for establishing private libraries since its first reading.

Culture Ministry State-Secretary Ivica Poljicak presented the bill with the improvements added since its first reading. The proposed legislation, among other things, defines what a digital library could be.

Sabina Glasovac of the Social Democratic Party (SDP) said that since the heated first reading, professionals and experts were consulted, as a result of which the bill, which now received its second reading, regulated the appointment of library heads in a better manner.

Poljicak said that when it came to private libraries there was a possibility that private polytechnics and universities would like to set up libraries, however, there were still no other explicit requests for opening private libraries.

There are 1,768 libraries throughout Croatia, with 4,666 employees, whereas the aggregate membership of all those libraries stands at 1,309,000 members, it was said during the discussion.

Author: Hina