Croatia gets new National Security Strategy

Zagreb - The Croatian Parliament adopted by majority vote on Friday a new National Security Strategy which defines the state's national security vision and security concept as well as its national interests. The document envisages four national interests and nine strategic goals. The national interests are security, well-being and prosperity, national identity, and international reputation, influence, equal position, sovereignty and survival. 

The strategic goals are achieving the highest degree of security and protection of citizens and the critical infrastructure, developing the homeland security system, developing and maintaining a strong and active defence, ecology, developing a strong and sustainable economy, the demographic revival and revitalisation of society, developing the state administration, protecting, strengthening and promoting the highest values of the constitutional order and national identity, and boosting Croatia's international reputation and influence. 

The strategy says that its development is a lasting process and that every government, at the beginning of its term and in cooperation with the president, should propose amendments to the existing strategy or a new one. Once a year, the government has to report to parliament on the implementation of the strategy. 

Parliament also adopted a regional development strategy until the end of 2020, a report on the execution of the state budget in 2016, a report on an audit of that report, a report on correctional institutions in 2015, and a plan for aligning Croatian legislation with the EU acquis in 2017. (Hina)

Author: Hina