Croatia's Parliament sits more than legislatures in Slovenia, Austria, Czechia

Zagreb - The Croatian Sabor has sat for 21 days this autumn in conditions of the coronavirus pandemic and that is a lot more than the parliaments of Slovenia, Austria, Germany, Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia.

The only parliament that is sitting longer this autumn than Croatia's is Hungary's National Assembly.

Sabor sits three days week while Hungary's Assembly sits from Monday to Thursday every week.

Slovenia's National Assembly sits six days a month while the Austrian legislature sits for one week each month and the Bundestag sits for a week or two and Slovakia's National Council sits for two weeks each month.

In neighbouring Slovenia, lawmakers convened on September 21, later than their Croatian counterparts who sat for six days during an extraordinary sitting and have held two ordinary sittings since.


Recess for All Saints' Day usual 

Recesses are a normal part of parliamentary activities and the Sabor usually has a break ahead of All Saints' Day.

The new 10th Parliament held its founding session on July 22 and sat through until the end of July and convened again on September 2 for an extraordinary sitting with strict epidemiological measures in place due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The Sabor, which is the highest representative and legislative body in Croatia, did not cease working through the first wave of the pandemic and after the earthquake that struck Zagreb and its environs on March 22.

Author: Hina