Jandroković: EP elections offer choice between stability, disintegration

Zagreb - The coming elections for the European Parliament will determine to a significant extent what Europe will look like in the coming years because voters will be choosing between forces that promote stability and security in Europe and those that encourage disintegration processes with irresponsible policies, Croatian Parliament Speaker Gordan Jandroković said at the end of a two-day conference of EU member-countries' parliament speakers in Vienna on Tuesday.

The Vienna conference was held with the aim of providing answers to the challenges of enlargement and European Parliament elections, to be held in May.

"These elections are very important and they will decide the course Europe will be moving along," Jandroković told reporters, explaining that it was clear that all parliament speakers participating in the conference shared the view that competing in the elections would forces that advocated stability and security and tried to reach voters through well-argumented debates and those who wanted to come to power through false campaigns, manipulation and fraud.

Pro-European forces are aware of the challenges and problems and want to solve them while the opposing forces offer Europe's disintegration as the solution, said Jandroković.

"It should be clear to everyone that Europe's disintegration means insecurity, instability and new conflicts," the Croatian official said, recalling that the EU project was based on the values of freedom, rule of law and democracy that had to be defended for the sake of every member-country.

Speaking of Brexit, he said that it was a clear example of how a disinformation campaign and manipulation could lead a nation into chaos and uncertainty and that he could conclude on the basis of his talks with his counterparts from other EU countries that they, too, viewed Brexit in a similar way as Croatia.

Author: Hina