Jandroković: We've found good balance between public health and fundamental values

Zagreb - Croatia has found a good balance in dealing with the coronavirus pandemic, between protecting public health and fundamental values and freedoms, and it has been shown that the state is functioning very well in the present time of crisis, Parliament Speaker Gordan Jandroković said. 

"If you look at the figures from countries that are comparable to us in terms of the number of infected cases and deaths from the coronavirus and how they are controlling their population, you'll see that there's far more control there than there is in Croatia," Jandroković told the press at the Westin hotel where Parliament was sitting today.

He thanked citizens for showing responsibility and discipline in following the instructions from the national civil protection authority.

Parliament will today vote on the second package of government measures aimed at helping the economy hit by the fallout of the coronavirus pandemic.

Jandroković acknowledged that everyone was hoping for a relaxation of the measures adopted so far, but stressed that looking after people's lives was a priority. "It seems that we are now becoming aware that Croatia is among the world's leaders in protecting the health and lives of its citizens. Figures show that we have done an excellent job."

Jandroković said that as of April 15 lawmakers were expected to return to the Parliament building, which was damaged in the March 22 earthquake. He noted that Parliament had been sitting uninterruptedly since January 15.

Author: Hina