MPs applaud bill to facilitate access to public information by old and disabled people

Zagreb - Croatian lawmakers on Thursday praised a a bill that imposes the obligation on agencies in the public sector to make their websites and mobile applications accessible to all users, notably to individuals with disabilities and to senior citizens.

Ljubica Lukačić of the Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ), commended the bill and on this occasion, the parliament rostrum was also adjusted to this wheelchair-bound MP for the first time.

Lukačić said that the bill would make opportunities equal for all when it came to availability of information.

Social Democrat (SDP) lawmaker Darko Parić also praised the proposed legislative solution, and urged the proper implementation of the future law. In this context he spoke about importance of digitisation of society.

Nada Turina-Đurić of the GLAS party underscored that the public sector digitisation would reduce corruption and appearance of fake news.

Under the bill, the contents available on the websites of public agencies are expected to be easily understandable and accessible through various forms of media and devices.

Author: Hina