Parliament amends law to allow companies to produce medicinal hemp

Zagreb - Parliament on Friday amended the law on the prevention of illegal drug abuse which now defines new psychoactive substances, enables the minister of health to order that they be banned, and enables legal entities to grow and produce hemp for medicinal purposes.

The definition of new psychoactive substances is necessary because of the appearance and fast rise in the EU and Croatia of substances which are not controlled by law and pose a threat to public health.

Parliament passed a law on the prevention of money laundering and terrorism financing in line with EU directives which will enable public access to data on companies' real owners.

Also adopted was a law on assistance dogs which will enable more disabled persons to use therapy dogs and more dogs to undergo training.

Parliament sent into second reading three water-related bills, a bill on missing persons in the Homeland War, and a bill of amendments to the Police Act.

Author: Hina