Parliament speaker issues Antifascist Struggle Day message

Zagreb - Parliament Speaker Gordan Jandroković on Thursday issued a message on Antifascist Struggle Day, observed on June 22, saying that "today we remember the formation of the First Sisak Partizan Unit, which was the first organised unit of the antifascist resistance."

"The role of antifascism in recent European history is of outstanding importance and the antifascist movement determined the democratic future of Europe after the Second World War. The present-day democratic Republic of Croatia affirms its antifascist democratic foundation and the orientation of Croatian society as well as the deep attachment to the values of modern democracy," Jandroković said in a note.

"Today we remember all those who sacrificed their lives for a free Croatia. On behalf of the Croatian parliament and myself, I congratulate everyone on Antifascist Struggle Day," he added. 

Author: Hina