Reiner, Schultze advocate stronger economic cooperation

Zagreb - Croatia and Germany wish to strengthen their economic relations and an initiative has been launched for cooperation between the German, Austrian and Swiss chambers of commerce with the Croatian Employers' Association, Croatian Parliament Speaker Željko Reiner and German Ambassador to Croatia Erberhard Schultze said on Monday. 

During their meeting, Reiner said that Croatia and Germany have had good bilateral relations for more than a quarter of a century at the state and local levels, the parliament's media office reported. "It is our desire for those good relations to continue, on the inter-state level and inter-parliamentary level as well as in the area of European and international policies. Although Germany is Croatia's largest economic partner, we would like to see more German investments in Croatia and this government will do everything in its power to remove any doubts in the stability of the legal and tax system and to create a positive investment climate," Reiner underscored. 

Schultze, who was inaugurated as ambassador to Croatia six months ago, stressed that he would focus on deepening German-Croatian economic relations, adding that he, the Swiss and Austrian ambassadors have launched an initiative of cooperation between the German, Austrian and Swiss chambers of commerce with the Croatian Employers' Association. 

Schultze underscored that Croatia's emigrant community in Germany, as the best example of integration in Germany society, could be a bridge between Germany and the Croatian business community and can contribute to Croatia's economic growth. Reiner said that Croatia was closely monitoring the experience of Germany's dual education system and Schultze reported that the German-Croatian Industrial and Trade Commerce had launched cooperation with the University of Zagreb to connect it with the Munich School of Engineering. 

Schultze added that the German Embassy is this year's partner at the Zagreb scholarship and higher education fair. 

Author: Hina