11th term of the Croatian Parliament (16 May 2024)

Josip Dabro (DP)

Dabro, Josip

Born on 5 January 1983 in Belgrade, Republic of Serbia. Graduated from the Educational Faculty, University of Travnik, Bosnia and Herzegovina– Master's Degree in General Kinesiology. 

Deputy Club of the Homeland Movement
Secretary of the Club: Ms. Maja Naranča
Phone: +385 1 4569 414
Fax: +385 1 4569 473
e-mail: klub.domovinski.pokret@sabor.hr 

Begin of parliamentary mandate:

16 May 2024

Changes during parliamentary mandate:

  • the suspension of the MP`s term of office started 17 May 2024; his substitute is Ivana Mujkić

Party affiliation:

Elected from the list of the:

  • Homeland Movement and Law and Justice