Jandroković calls for building Croatia based on inclusion and solidarity

Zagreb - Parliament Speaker Gordan Jandroković said during the celebration of the 25th anniversary of Operation Storm in Knin on Wednesday that the Croatian people are celebrating with respect and pride, and called for building a Croatia based on social justice, solidarity and inclusion.

-The Homeland War is the foundation of a free, independent, democratic and sovereign Croatia on which we are building our present and future, underlined Jandroković during the main celebration of the Operation Storm anniversary, Victory Day, Homeland Thanksgiving Day and Croatian Veterans' Day.

He called for achieving the vision of Croatia as a safe country with legal and social certainty based on social justice, solidarity and efficiency, a country with a strong and sustainable economy, a country of know-how and innovation in which young people will find an opportunity to achieve their personal and professional lives and contribute to its demographic vitality.

He underscored his satisfaction that despite the challenges during the times of the coronavirus pandemic today's celebration is being held at the foot of the fortress where 25 years ago a free and proud Croatian flag flew symbolising the greatest victory in the Homeland War and the foundation of Croatia for centuries to come.

He expressed particular gratitude to veterans and their families who "heroically defended us and showed us what the freedom we live in today is."

-We must not forget all those missing and must do everything so that their families learn of the fate of their loved ones, Jandroković said.

He recalled that the Croatian army and police were established during the Homeland War and that they conduct their everyday duties honourably, selflessly and sometimes with great sacrifices but always responsibly when it comes to protecting the Croatian people.

-They showed that responsibility again at the start of the health crisis caused by the pandemic and after the earthquake in Zagreb, and that is why the Croatian people love and respect them, he underlined.

-Today when the entire world is affected by an unprecedented crisis, our priority has to be to preserve the health and lives of the people but also their jobs, said Jandroković convinced that we will overcome the challenges with joint forces and faith in our own abilities.

He stressed the importance of preserving awareness of national identity, knowing our past, preserving the Croatian language, culture and art, and promoting the highest values of the constitutional order.

Such "responsible patriotism" motivates us to do all that not just for ourselves but for the community at large and for the progress of Croatian society as a whole, to fight for national interests, and to resolve all internal and external challenges together, to promote our international reputation and to strengthen its role in the new international order.

-Let us celebrate this day with dignity, joy and pride, concluded Jandroković.

Author: Hina