Leko and Bloche: Croatia and France are partners in EU

Zagreb - Croatia and France are friends and their growing partnership is important for both countries and for their partnership in the European Union, Croatian Parliament Speaker Josip Leko and member of the French National Assembly Patrick Bloche said in Zagreb on Tuesday. "France has friendly relations with Croatia and that is important to us because we are looking for partners in the European Union," Leko said at a meeting with members of the French-Croatian Friendship Group in the French National Assembly, headed by Bloche. 

Leko said that France had continually supported Croatia, ever since its international recognition, in developing into a European and democratic society. He said that the present relations between the two countries were based on a partnership in many areas, both bilateral and multilateral.

Bloche said that the growing intensity of the relationship was important for both countries, especially after Croatia's accession to the European Union. As regards EU enlargement, I have always fought for the balanced development of the South, and Croatia is the country that brings balance to the Union, he said.

Bloche noted that France and Croatia were connected by a similar Mediterranean culture and similar views on crisis spots in the world, such as Syria and Mali. Croatia knows well what the price of peace is, he said. The French parliamentarian expressed hope for more more French investments in Croatia, adding that there was a great interest in that among French companies. (Hina)

Author: Hina