Parl. Summit of International Crimea Platform starts in Zagreb, help pledged to Ukraine

Zagreb - The First Parliamentary Summit of the International Crimea Platform started in Zagreb on Wednesday with the opening remarks of Croatian Parliament Speaker Gordan Jandroković and his Ukrainian counterpart Ruslan Stefanchuk with the message highlighting the commitment to providing help to Ukraine.

"We will send a strong message of unity, solidarity and support to Ukraine at the height of Russia's aggression," the Sabor Speaker said adding that the international community, the EU and NATO provided a unanimous and fast response to Putin's "anti-civilisation move".

The International Crimea Platform was officially launched with the Inaugural Summit in Kyiv on 23 August 2021, when the Joint Declaration was also adopted. 47 state representatives at the level of presidents, prime ministers, speakers of parliaments and ministers from G7 member states, EU member states, NATO, Council of Europe, European Council, European Commission, Organisation for Democracy and Economic Development participated.

On 23 August 2022, the summit was held online, in the circumstances of war, the number of participating states and international organisations increased to 60, and brought together the leaders of the G7, members of the EU, several representatives of the African continent and Latin America, and representatives of NATO, EU and others.
The Zagreb summit gives the parliamentary dimension of the International Crimea Platform.

"The continuation of Russia's aggression gave a new impetus to this platform. The final aim is clear Russia should leave the territory which does not belong to it," said Jandroković.

The spirit of the Ukrainian people reminds me of the spirit of the Croatian people 30 years ago, We opposed the powerful aggressor with our pride, patriotism and courage, said Jandroković.

He recalled that the war in Croatia was also preceded by a thoroughly prepared narrative full of fake news and manipulation of information by the Great Serbian aggressor.
With its war experience and in all other ways, Croatia stands at the disposal to Ukraine, he added. He urged other countries to side with Ukraine unequivocally.

"We are deeply aware of the difference between the aggressor and the victim. Let us not become tired in assisting Ukraine on its path to freedom," said Jandroković.
The Verkhovna Rada chairman said that he was convinced that today's summit will be "productive and fruitful" and thanked Croatia for co-hosting the summit.
"The initiative of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has become broadly accepted and is being spread. Our goal is clear, to return Crimea as part of Ukraine's territorial integrity," Stefanchuk said.

He said that he believes in the realisation of Ukraine's dream in the near future: victory and peace.

The First Parliamentary Summit of the International Crimea Platform will address multiple aspects of the current security situation in Ukraine, and the possibilities for national parliaments and international parliamentary institutions to make their contribution in the five priority areas of the International Crimea Platform’s activity.

More than fifty speakers and deputy speakers of parliaments and presidents and vice-presidents of parliamentary assemblies of international institutions participating in the Platform, will attend the plenary session in person and deliver their remarks, along with leaders of parliaments who will address the participants via video messages. The adoption of a joint declaration is planned at the end of the Summit.

Author: Hina