Parliament adopts several laws, reports

Zagreb - Parliament on Friday passed the Agricultural Census Act in order to obtain exact data, and a new law on land registers aimed at simplifying and stepping up proceedings.

The agricultural census will be conducted in June 2020 and the first results will be published by the national statistical office by the end of November 2020 and the final results by the end of 2021. The government earmarked HRK 34 million for the census.

Parliament also passed a new law on freshwater fishing which will cut administrative obligations and costs by HRK 650,000 annually.

Also adopted were the 2018 defence report and a report on the implementation of the National Security Strategy.

MPs also ratified an agreement between Croatia and the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) on Croatia's associate membership.

Parliament appointed public broadcaster and editor Katja Kusec to the Electronic Media Council and media expert Majda Tafra Vlahovic to Hina's Steering Council.

MPs sent into a second reading several bills sponsored by the government, while rejecting all those submitted by the opposition.

Author: Hina