Parliament has good framework in monitoring security system, says Speaker

Zagreb - Speaker Josip Leko said on Thursday the Croatian Parliament had a good framework, good experience, the political will and good intentions when it came to the parliamentary monitoring of the national security system. 

He was addressing a meeting of members of the parliamentary national security and defence committees and the RACVIAC Centre for Security Cooperation, who were discussing challenges to the global and regional security policy, parliamentary monitoring and the fight against corruption. 

-Such meetings contribute to understanding the issue of security in Southeast Europe as well as, even more importantly, to confidence, which is a prerequisite of cooperation, Leko said. He said the parliamentary monitoring of the security system was a new dimension of stability in democracies. 

-The executive authority has the leading role in system development, we don't dispute that but encourage it, and the Croatian parliament, it seems to me, has a good framework, good experience and, most importantly, the political will and good intentions in parliamentary monitoring, Leko said. (Hina)

Author: Hina