Parliament Speaker: Let Pelješac Bridge be symbol of all-Croatian unity

Zagreb- Parliament Speaker Gordan Jandroković said on Tuesday that Pelješac bridge could serve as a symbol of all-Croatian unity and a symbol of Croatian strength and pride.

"Let all in Croatia be happy today, let those in Slavonia, in Lika, in Istria be happy, just as they will be filled with joy when the other tube of the Učka tunnel is finished and when the Vc corridor through Slavonia is built and when the Sisak-bound motorway is built and when the expressway towards Bjelovar and Virovitica is also built," the Sabor speaker said at the ceremony of the inauguration of Pelješac Bridge.

"We are not numerous people but we are a tenacious people and we have realised all our major objectives in our history and let this bridge be a symbol of our strength, pride and unity," he underscored.

Jandroković recalled the 1991-1995 Homeland War and the creation of the present-day Croatia, the international promotion of the country and its membership of the European Union and NATO and the forthcoming admission to the euro area and Schengen.

He also described the bridge as the symbol of the country's development.

Author: Hina