Permanent delegation of the Croatian Parliament to the Interparliamentary Union attending 141st IPU Assembly in Belgrade

Zagreb - Croatian parliamentary delegation at the 141st assembly of the Interparliamentary Union (IPU) in Belgrade is giving its contribution to the adoption of conclusions on all international topics of relevance for the future of the world and all countries, Saša Đujić, who heads the Croatian parliamentary delegation at the IPU assembly, hosted by Serbia, told Hina on Tuesday.

Đujić said this year's conference focused on the strengthening of international law, climate change, youth empowerment and gender equality.

"As for climate change, Croatia is among the world's first ten countries in terms of meeting the goals of sustainable development. That means that we have the experience and know-how in implementing sustainable development policies which we can share with others and even with some of the countries that are more developed than Croatia," Đujić told Hina on the margins of the conference.

Pointing to the fact that topics discussed by the IPU were sometimes not in the focus of the global public, Đujić said that climate change, stronger international law and human rights, and empowering women in the community are "very important because every country, along with problems unique to it, must deal with these issues as well."

Apart from Đujić, a member of the Social Democratic Party (SDP), the Croatian delegation at the IPU Assembly also includes Ljubica Maksimčuk and Željka Josić of the ruling HDZ party.

The three Croatian members of parliament said that ways of promoting gender representation in bodies of government was another topic on which Croatia could share experience with other countries attending similar conferences.

The IPU is a global organisation of national parliaments, founded 130 years ago as the world's first multinational political organisation and its mission is to strengthen cooperation and dialogue among countries.

The central topic of this year's assembly is the role and mechanisms of parliaments in strengthening international law and the contribution of regional cooperation.

As one of its first member-countries, Serbia joined the IPU only two years after its establishment, in 1891. This is the second time it is hosting an IPU assembly, after hosting one in 1963.

Author: Hina