Reiner: Croatia can resolve outstanding issues through good will

Zagreb - Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina are two neighbouring, friendly countries and they can resolve their outstanding issues through good will, Croatian Parliament Speaker Željko Reiner said on Tuesday after a meeting with the Chairwoman of the Bosnia and Herzegovina House of Representatives, Borjana Krišto.

"We are in agreement that Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia are two friendly, neighbouring countries and with good will, outstanding issues can always be resolved. I believe that the ways of resolving those issues can be addressed already today," Reiner told the press after the meeting.

Krišto underscored that the two countries have more things in common than they have problems that were hampering their relations. Reiner underscored that Croatia supported and would continue to support Bosnia's European aspirations.

"Bosnia's European path, stability and good functioning of the country and the equality of all three Bosnian constituent peoples are of key interest to Croatia. Of course, it is particularly important to us that Croats, as one of the three constituent people, be given a better status," he added.

Krišto underscored that advancing cooperation at the level of parliaments and Croatia's experience from Euro-Atlantic integration processes would most definitely help Bosnia to meet its commitments in the context of joining the European Union, regarding reform implementation. Bosnia submitted its application for membership of the European Union on February 15. (Hina)

Author: Hina