Vedran Babić participated at the Trans-European Networks Policy and Connectivity Interparliamentary Conference

Pristina - Member of the Croatian Parliament Delegation to the Parliamentary Assembly of the South-East European Cooperation Process (SEECP), Vedran Babić participated on behalf of the President of the SEECP Parliamentary Assembly at the Trans-European Networks Policy and Connectivity Interparliamentary Conference.

Discussion was focused on strengthening regional cooperation with special emphasis on transport, infrastructure and energy. In his address Vedran Babić introduced the objectives of the SEECP Parliamentary Assembly, stressing the need to foster regional stability and political, economic and security capacities, but also the importance of regional cooperation and regional initiatives participated by both the EU Member States and those that are not. 

“Effective regional cooperation in the Western Balkans and Southeast Europe opens up new possibilities for solving old and new challenges”, Babić said, adding that better regional cooperation was crucial for achievement of main objectives such as improving connectivity in the region, promoting sustainable economic growth and creating opportunities for jobs and employment.

Conference was co-organized by European Parliament, Regional Cooperation Council (RCC) and the Assembly of the Republic of Kosovo with participation of MEPs, representatives of parliaments of Kosovo, Albania, Turkey and Montenegro, representatives of the Regional Cooperation Council and the European Commission.

Author: Office for International and European Affairs