7th term of the Croatian Parliament (22 December 2011 - 28 December 2015)

Ruža Tomašić (HSP dr. Ante Starčević)

Tomašić, Ruža

Born on 10 May 1958 in Mladoševica (Bosnia and Herzegovina). Graduated from the Ontario Police College (Canada). Detective Inspector.

Begin of parliamentary mandate:

22 December 2011

End of parliamentary mandate:

1 July 2014

Changes during parliamentary mandate:

  • the MP's term of office was suspended on 1 July 2013; her substitute is Ivan Šimunović
  • the MP's term of office ceased on 1 July 2014

Previous parliamentary functions:

Elected from the list of the:

  • Croatian Party of Rights dr. Ante Starčević - Croatian Pure Party of Rights