8th term of the Croatian Parliament (28 December 2015 - 14 October 2016)

Committee on the Economy

About Committee

Scope of work

The Committee on the Economy shall establish and monitor the implementation of policies, and in procedures to enact legislation and other regulations it shall have the rights and duties of a competent working body in matters pertaining to:
- the strategy of economic development of the Republic of Croatia;
- the basis of the economic system and ensuring conditions for the operation of markets and the protection of market competition;
- consumer protection;
- the adjustment and improvement of economic life;
- commodity reserves and current economic trends;
- the electricity network and supply, shipbuilding and other industrial branches;
- restructuring and transformation of ownership;
- ensuring conditions for investments by foreign partners and economic relations abroad;
- small and medium sized enterprises, trades and crafts and co-operatives.


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