8th term of the Croatian Parliament (28 December 2015 - 14 October 2016)

Committee on Information, Computerisation and the Media

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Scope of work

The Committee on Information, Computerisation and the Media shall establish and monitor the implementation of policies, and in procedures to enact legislation and other regulations it shall have the rights and duties of a competent working body in matters pertaining to information and the print and electronic media. In particular, the Committee shall:
- consider matters of communications, information and the media that are subject to decisions by Parliament;
- monitor, encourage and participate in the enactment of legislation on print and electronic media (the press, radio, television, the Internet);
- promote the emergence, formation and signing of relevant international documents on information and the media;
- monitor the application of international documents on information and the media and monitor the work of media and/or information committees in other countries;
- uphold the right to information, the protection of intellectual property, and the protection of privacy in the electronic media;
- promote the right to information and communication with new technologies and means of electronic communication (the internet, electronic commerce, internet education);
- promote technical/technological culture and international technical/technological co-operation in terms of the use of computers and computer networking (the internet);
- be involved in activities aimed at the co-ordination, promotion and advancement of economic activity based on information technologies;
- monitor existing and propose and encourage the use of new information technologies in the work of Parliament and on the work of Parliament;
- co-operate with associations, the media, research institutions, commissions of the Government and the President of the Republic with reference to the study of communications, information and the media. The Committee shall also perform other activities stipulated by these Standing Orders and law.


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