10th term of the Croatian Parliament (22 July 2020)

Council for Civilian Oversight of Security and Intelligence Agencies

Scope of work

Pursuant to Article 111, Provision 1 of the Security and Intelligence System Act of the Republic of Croatia, the Council performs the following tasks:
• monitors the legality of security agencies work,
• monitors and oversees the application of confidential data gathering measures restricting constitutionally-guaranteed human rights and fundamental freedoms,
•  findings and information from the above mentioned items are submitted as a notification to the National Security Council, the Speaker of the Croatian Parliament, the chairperson of the parliamentary committee in charge of national security and the directors of security and intelligence agencies
• provides information about the methods on how citizens, governmental bodies and legal entities may file complaints on any illegal or irregular procedures in the work of security and intelligence agencies that they might have observed, with an emphasis on violations of constitutionally-guaranteed human rights and fundamental freedoms.

The Council notifies a requestor on oversight exerted and its response to complaints is limited exclusively to the objections specified in the request.


The Council receives requests / petitions from citizens, state bodies and legal entities which are submitted directly in writing to the employees of the administrative procedure log and via postal and electronic mail address of the Council.

Petitions submitted by citizens must include the first name and the last name, date of birth or OIB (personal identification number) and the hand-written signature of the requestor. Petitions submitted by legal entities and state bodies must include the name and address of the legal person or state body and the data of the person authorized to represent it and their signature. Exceptionally, petitions submitted by citizens via electronic mail do not have to include requestor’s hand-written signature.

Address for submitting requests / petitions:
email: vgnsoa@sabor.hr
Mailing address: Trg sv. Marka 6, 10000 Zagreb
-    Indicating „For the Council for Civilian Oversight of Security and Intelligence Agencies“ 




Zdravka Čufar Šarić


Gordan Akrap, Ph. D.
Eduard Briški
Josip Čerina, Ph. D.
Vojko Rešetar
Mile Štefanac


Katica Franjić, Administrative Secretary 
Phone: +385 1 6303 457
Fax: + 385 1 6303 458

Anita Gvozdanović, Advisor
Phone: +385 1 6303 283