Citizens Service

With a view to improve the two-way communication between citizens and the Parliament and in order to assert that the Sabor is committed to openness, the Citizens Service maintains direct contacts with citizens. It offers answers to citizens’ queries, petitions and letters and organizes visits for citizens wishing to take an inside tour of the Parliament building or to attend plenary sessions. The Service carries out the programme of volunteering in the Parliament and assists schools in implementing civic education curriculum.


Head of Citizens Service: Sanja Šurina, Ph.D. 
Phone: +385 1 45 69 460
Fax: +385 1 63 03 018

Visits to the Parliament

Attending plenary sessions

In 2000, the Presidency of the Croatian Parliament decided that the northern Gallery of the Chamber is to be reserved for citizens who wish to attend parliamentary plenary sessions. There are 52 available seats and all attendance requests up to that number are met. Most often visitors are groups interested in a specific topic being debated – trade unions, various civic associations, pupils and students as well as individual citizens.

A close-up view

There are increasing numbers of citizens who want to get to know the Parliament up close, from the inside. Visits and professional guidance are organised by the Citizens Service. Visitors are briefly informed of the Croatian Parliament’s history, and the history of the Parliament building; they are then familiarised with the rules for the election of deputies to the Croatian Parliament, with legislative procedures, the party structure of deputies and other topics of visitor's interest.

Citizens Service
Phone: +385 1 4569 460, +385 1 4569 607;