Parliamentary Library

libraryThe Library of the Croatian Parliament is a special library that maintains and preserves various collections in the fields of law, politics, history, economics and fundamental works on sociology, philosophy and the arts. 

The main objective of the Library is to provide Members of Parliament, Parliament’s working bodies (committees) and the Parliamentary Staff Service with information and publications relevant to their work. 

It is generally believed that the Library was founded in 1861. The first catalogue of books, entitled Popis knjiga knjižnice Sabora Kraljevine Hrvatske, Slavonije i Dalmacije (Inventory of the Library of the Croatian Parliament of the Kingdom of Croatia, Slavonia and Dalmatia) was published in 1905. It lists 747 bibliographical units from the Library collection. 

The Library is a member of the IFLA, the Section on Library and Research Services for Parliaments, and it co-operates and exchanges information with other parliamentary libraries throughout the world.

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Library collections

The Book collection has been developed to complement the activities of the Croatian Parliament. It contains 30,000 volumes that cover a variety of subjects in the social sciences and humanities. The reference collection contains encyclopaedias, dictionaries, atlases, lexicons, bibliographies, year-books and directories. Reference books are meant for exclusive use in the Library’s reading room and may not be borrowed.

A portion of the Library collection, that dating from 1990 to the present, can be searched through the online catalogue. Information on the remaining portion of the Library’s collection can be obtained from the card catalogue.

The Periodicals collection includes daily and weekly newspapers, Croatian and foreign journals, official publications of the Republic of Croatia and the former Yugoslav republics, and a selection of official publications published by international organisations.

The Library keeps only the last two years of newspapers and last four years of journals. Periodicals are meant for exclusive use in the Library’s reading room and may not be borrowed.

The Special collection safeguards rare books that show the legal, historical and legislative continuity of the Croatian Parliament, as well as other valuable editions from Croatian history and culture:

  • Parliamentary Transcripts, 1861-1980
  • A collection of official publications, journals and newspapers from the nineteenth century
  • Publications of the Croatian Academy of Arts and Science dating from 1867 to the present
  • A collection of books on Croatia’s legal history and legislation
  • A collection of books on the legal history of Austria, Germany and Hungary

Items from the Special Collection can be only used in the Library’s reading room and may not be borrowed.


Information services, catalogues and databases 

Information services 

Factual information
Bibliographical information and preparation of topical bibliographies
Topical research on legislation and other topics of interest to MPs
Monthly information about new books, EU publications and journals
User education 

Catalogues and databases 

Card catalogues
Online catalogue

DOAJ - directory of open access journals 

The Library’s reading room provides Internet access, use of reference books and periodicals and photocopying. 


Members of Parliament
Parliamentary Staff Service
Office of the Croatian President
Constitutional Court of the Republic of Croatia
Government of the Republic of Croatia
External users


Books can be loaned for a maximum of four weeks. Items from the Special Collection, Reference Collection and periodicals cannot be loaned, but they can be used in the Library’s reading room.
External users can use the Library’s collections in the reading room for scholarly research, with the approval of the Head of the Library or the Secretary of the Croatian Parliament. 

Queries can be made via telephone, fax or e-mail. Librarians will answer queries objectively in the shortest possible time.
Librarians are not obliged to answer queries that do not concern the duties of MPs and committees.

Online catalogue

Library's online catalogue contains: 

  • New books obtained since 1990
  • Official publications of the Republic of Croatia, the Republic of Slovenia, the Republic of Bosnia-Herzegovina and the Republic of Macedonia
  • Current Croatian and foreign serial titles
  • Electronic material (CD-ROM)

The card catalogue contains the entire Library collection up to 2000.

The Library began indexing by use of the Eurovoc Thesaurus in 2000. The indexing of other records in the Library's database is under way.

The online catalogue is searchable by:

  • Names of authors, editors and other contributors
  • Names of corporate authors and publishers
  • Key words from publication titles
  • Subject headings
  • International identification designations (ISBN, ISSN)