7th term of the Croatian Parliament (22 December 2011 - 28 December 2015)

European Integration Committee

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Scope of work

Croatian Parliament at its 8th Session on 28 June 2013 adopted the Standing Orders of the Croatian Parliament thus changing the structure and framework of its Working bodies.

By enacting the Standing Orders on 1 July 2013 the European Integration Committee ceased to exist.

European Integration Committee:

- monitor the harmonisation of the legal system of the Republic of Croatia with the legal system of the European Union,
- monitor the exercise of the rights and commitments of the Republic of Croatia that ensue from international treaties pertaining to the Council of Europe,
- monitor European Union aid and co-operation programmes,
- co-operate and exchange experiences with bodies in European integration processes.

Chairperson, Deputy Chairperson and Members of the European Integration Committee were acquitted by the Croatian Parliament on 12 July 2013 since this Committee ceased to exist on 1 July 2013 according the Provisions of the Standing Orders. Before being acquitted Members of the Committee were: 

Mondekar, Daniel 

Deputy Chairperson: 
Jandroković, Gordan

Božinović, Davor 
Dalić, Martina 
Flego, Gvozden Srećko 
Mateljan, Damir 
Matušić, Frano 
Mulić, Melita 
Picula, Tonino 
Plenković, Andrej 
Radoš, Jozo 
Stier, Davor Ivo 
Vrbat, Tanja. 


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