11th term of the Croatian Parliament (16 May 2024)

Finance and Central Budget Committee

About Committee

Scope of work

The Finance and Central Budget Committee shall establish and monitor the implementation of policies, and in procedures to enact legislation and other regulations it shall have the rights and duties of a competent working body in matters pertaining to:
- the system to finance public needs in the Republic of Croatia;
- the Central Budget, the final settlement of the Central Budget and funds;
- the report of the State Audit Office on conducted audits;
- the tax system and tax policy;
- financial relations with foreign countries;
- the foreign currency system;
- credit relations with foreign countries;
- the customs system;
- the credit and banking system;
- the state treasury;
- securities;
- the monetary system;
- the Croatian National Bank;
- the system of insurance for property and persons and other issues pertaining to the budget and finances;
- matters pertaining to the structure, authority and operating procedures of the State Audit Office and the Financial Agency.
The Committee shall debate draft legislation which gives rise to financial commitments and report to Parliament on its opinions, positions and proposals.


Phone: +385 1 4569 427
Fax: +385 1 6303 025
e-mail: financ@sabor.hr 

Ms Josipa Čobanov
Phone: +385 1 6303 283
e-mail: josipa.cobanov@sabor.hr


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