Antonio Osip winner of 45th Ring Race tournament; Parliament Speaker Gordan Jandroković presented him with a special reward

Barban - 34-year-old Antonio Osip from Draguzeti has won the 45th Prstenac Race tournament, held in the Istrian town of Barban on Sunday.

First mentioned in 1696 and revived by the town of Barban in 1976, the Ring Race is held every year on the third Sunday in August. The race features horsemen dressed in Istrian folk costumes who ride at full gallop aiming their lances at an iron ring suspended from a rope above the race track.

Osip was presented with a shield and a dagger, a transfer gift from the President, the challenge award "Prstenac Bird", and a reward of HRK 30,000.

Attending the event, among others, were Tourism Minister Nikolina Brnjac and President Zoran Milanović's envoy Melita Mulić. 

Author: Hina/Press Office of the Parliament