Bills simplifying entry into and removal of companies from register sent to parliament

Zagreb - The government on Thursday forwarded to the parliament a bill of amendments to the Companies' Act and the Court Registry Act which will facilitate setting up a company as well as erasing it from the court register.

Justice Minister Dražen Bošnjaković said that these were very important legislative amendments because they introduce the possibility of registering a limited liability company and simple limited liability company online.

He said that among other things, this will eliminate the obligation to go to a public notary as well as the obligation to print hard copies. The amendments mean  "an absolutely simple procedure," which allows companies to be set up from home.

"This way we are contributing to our economy to be more competitive and attractive because we will remove administrative obstacles," Bošnjaković said.

He noted that this was part of a programme being implemented by the Ministry of Economy, Entrepreneurship and Crafts because setting up a company is just one step in the entire process in order to enter the business world.

Also, being aware of how complicated it is to erase a business and exiting the business world, Bošnjaković informed that the bill regulates a simpler liquidation process. If someone does not have any debts, which can be confirmed by a declaration, they will simply be erased from the court register while any "possible debts will have to be settled within two years."

Author: Hina