The Cravat Day celebrated on the Saint Mark's Square

Zagreb - International Necktie Day is celebrated on 18th October since the spectacular installation “A Tie Around the Arena” was performed in Pula on 18th October 2003. Croatian Parliament showed a special honour in 2008 declaring the Cravat Day following the proposal by the Academia Cravatica.

Several representatives of Croatian historical troops gathered at the St. Mark’s Square in front of the Parliament to celebrate this Day: military border Hussar Troops from Bjelovar and Karlovac, representatives of Turopolje Banderium and Croatian Army Honour Guard – a Cravat Regiment.

Numerous citizens and tourists could enjoy the ceremony of arms inspection and preparation of the guard in front of the entrance to the Church. Željko Matejčić, commander of the Cravat Regiment submitted the command to the Deputy Speaker of the Croatian Parliament Milorad Batinić who inspected the troops and saluted the soldiers. After this ceremonial echelon the manifestation spread all over the city squares.

Author: Hina