Jandroković: New Parliament will immediately resume work

Zagreb - Parliament Speaker Gordan Jandroković said on Wednesday that MPs would not go on holiday following the July 5 election, but that the new Parliament would immediately resume work as soon as a parliamentary majority is constituted.

"The situation is such that members of Parliament will be required to seriously, responsibly and promptly start work, so there is no doubt that the Parliament will resume work as soon as a majority is constituted," Jandroković said in Dubrava, where he attended Municipality Day and St. Margaret Parish Day celebration.

He decisively ruled out the possibility that having been elected, MPs could go on holiday.

"It is perfectly normal that once the new Parliament is elected, it promptly starts work so that we can pass the new law on the reconstruction of Zagreb and prepare all the measures necessary for what awaits us in the autumn. We thus have to make a number of decisions concerning economic measures and I do not know who could possibly think that the Parliament would go on holiday once MPs are elected," the Parliament Speaker said.

Jandroković was responding to a reporter's question about how he saw the message from President Zoran Milanović's office that MPs should not take a break following the constitution of the new Parliament.

Author: Hina