Joint Declaration of the First Parliamentary Summit of the International Crimea Platform

Zagreb - The First Parliamentary Summit of the International Crimea Platform was held today in Zagreb. The complete photo gallery here.

43 delegations attending the parliamentary dimension of the International Crimea Platform in Zagreb today adopted a Joint Declaration condemning, among others, the ongoing serious and systemic human rights violations and abuses on the Crimean peninsula, the deplorable attempt by the Russian Federation and its proxies to fake democratic tools and mechanisms, such as the recent so-called referenda in Ukraine’s regions, with a view to falsify grounds for the Russian Federation’s illegitimate claim to annex the territories it temporarily occupied, much like in the case of Crimea, the ongoing militarization of the Crimean Peninsula by the Russian Federation, which undermines security and stability in the wider Black Sea region, disrupts freedom of navigation in the Sea of Azov and the Black Sea, causing unbearable losses not only for the economy and agricultural sector of Ukraine, but also for global food supplies, and the reported attempts of illegal smuggling of stolen Ukrainian grain from the temporarily occupied regions of Donbas to third countries.

The Participants declared they intend to: continue political, diplomatic, financial, humanitarian and other support for Ukraine, in line with the respective procedures and legislation of each Participant, to restore Ukraine’s territorial integrity within its internationally recognized borders, while increasing pressure on Russia to end its temporary occupation of Crimea. Full text of the Joint Statement here.