Parliament adopts 2020 budget

Zagreb - The Croatian Parliament on Thursday adopted the state budget for 2020 with 80 lawmakers voting in favour, 41 against and one abstention.

The budget, proposed by the Government, plans HRK 145 billion on the revenue side and HRK 147 billion on the expenditure side, and a majority of government departments can expect a rise in their funding from the state budget.

The budget has been prepared with the assumption that Croatia's economy will grow 2.5% in 2020.

The government plans 6.7% higher revenues in comparison to the original 2019 budget, that is 5.4% more in comparison to the revised budget which was also adopted by the parliament today.

The expenses in the next year's budget are higher by five percent, that is by seven billion kuna, in comparison to this year, and by 8.3 billion kuna in comparison to the revised budget in 2019

As a result, the projected budget gap in 2020 is put at HRK 2.15 billion, accounting for 0.5% of Gross Domestic Product.

 (€1 = HRK 7.441184)

Author: Hina