Parliament amends Road Safety Act

Zagreb - Parliament on Friday amended the Road Safety Act, endorsing the government's amendments which acknowledged doctors' arguments.

The intention to oblige doctors to notify the police that a person is temporarily unfit to drive was scrapped. Instead, the doctor will notify the driver and enter this in their medical record.

Doctors and drivers who fail to comply will be fined. A person may be temporarily unfit to drive for a maximum six months, after which the driver need not undergo another medical checkup.

The amendments to the Road Safety Act also regulate the use of electric scooters, electric unicycles and Segways.

Also amended was the law on maternity and parental benefits, introducing paternal leave and raising parental allowance from HRK 5,600 to a maximum 7,500 for the second six months of a child's life.

Amendments to the Pension Insurance Act were tabled for a second reading.

Rejected was the conclusion by Anka Mrak Taritaš of GLAS that parliament oblige the Health Ministry to ensure a sufficient number of doctors performing abortions for every public hospital, by the end of the year.

Author: Hina