Parliament debates ferry and sea transport bill

Zagreb - The Croatian Parliament on Friday debated a bill on amendments to the law on ferry transport and occasional coastal transport aimed at creating better conditions for the exercise of the right to transport concessions, particularly for the disabled and children with developmental disabilities.

The present law has shown some shortcomings and the need to be more defined regarding transport concessions for passengers and vehicles, particularly for disabled persons, children with developmental disabilities and their carers, Josip Bilaver, state secretary at the Ministry of the Sea, Transport and Infrastructure.

The bill further defines eligibility for free travel on Adriatic passenger liners and regulates public tenders to provide public transport services. It also provides for the construction of a ship with EU aid for a shipping line of general economic interest.

A total of HRK 329.5 million has been allocated in the 2020 budget and HRK 340 million for 2021 to ensure the implementation of the bill, Bilaver said.

MP Arsen Bauk (SDP) said he was satisfied with the bill after it included proposals put forward by island associations which will enable free travel for disabled persons.

MP Ljubica Lukačić (HDZ) announced her support for the bill and thanked the ministry for resolving the problem of passenger travel for the disabled.

MP Miro Bulj (Bridge) also said he would back the bill, adding that it would remedy the injustice towards disabled persons.

Author: Hina